Miguel Moreno

“I’m a sound enthusiast seeking to uncover the secrets of old and new music technology.”

Sound designer, audio programmer & music tech educator.

Miguel Moreno holds a B.S. in Music Production Engineering from TEC de Monterrey, where he specialized in sound design and synthesis with open-source software, primarily Pure Data. He has conducted workshops, classes, and presentations at renowned venues such as CENART, CCM, and the Centro Cultural España in Mexico City.

Throughout his experience, he has designed and developed musical applications for various startups, such as Destroy All Circuits and Moon Echo Audio. In his work, he has collaborated with artists on sound art exhibitions at the MARCO museum and the Santa Lucía festival.

Recently, Moreno created a library of open-source synthesized instruments, as well as some audio plug-ins such as LIRA-8 and EP-MK1. Currently, he works as a professor of music technology at TEC de Monterrey.

Email: mikemorenodsp@gmail.com