Are you interested or need help with audio programming or synthesis?


Hi, I’m Mike Moreno. I have over a decade of experience in audio programming using Pure Data, and have spent the past four years teaching others how to improve their skills and complete their audio projects successfully.


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I offer one-to-one online lessons and consultations on audio programming, sound synthesis, and music technology.

I cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Sound Synthesis: Subtractive, Additive, F.M., Physical Modeling, Granular, Wavetable.
  2. Audio Effects: Modulation FX, Filters, Waveshapers, Time-Based FX.
  3. Sound Design: Analysis, Instrument design, Layering.
  4. Audio plug-in development: Camomile and Plug Data.
  5. Mobile audio application prototyping: MobMuPlat, Touch OSC and Pd party.
  6. Music composition: Algorithmic, Generative, Reactive Visuals.


I use Pure Data as my primary tool for teaching these concepts because it is free. However, I am also open to using other software such as Max MSP, Faust, Pro Tools, Reaper, iZotope RX, Vital, etc.

Duration and features

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, and includes:

  • Access to the patches or programs created during the session
  • Optional private GitHub repository for storage
  • Session recording uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video
  • Availability to ask questions and receive feedback via chat or email


My goal is making these sessions as accessible to anyone who is interested and am willing to negotiate rates if needed.

Students receive a 10% discount.

Session Number Global Rates Latin America Rates Global Student Rates (-10%) LATAM Student Rates (-10%)
1st Session $47 USD $593 MXN $42 USD $533 MXN
2nd & Later sessions $39 USD $487 MXN $35 USD $438 MXN
4 session pack $33 USD per lesson $449 MXN per lesson $29 USD per lesson $404 MXN per lesson

These rates do not include transaction fees.


Don’t hesitate to reach out via email at: