MetaPortals is a set of NFTs made by ST!VN Studios. I was hired to do sound design for these short videos. It proved to be quite a creative exercise, since all the sound effects (except for the background ambience) were made using only Pure Data. My process would be the following.

  1. First, I received a script with some key visuals, annotations and concepts before the actual video.
  2. Then I would start capturing and collecting background ambience sounds based on the filming location.
  3. Once I received the final video, I analyzed and marked important actions on my DAW’s timeline.
  4. One thing that made the sound design and sync a lot easier was using Camomile (Pure Data as an audio-plugin) for creating triggers and automatizations in the synthesized sounds. That way, I could shape and render the sound in real-time without having to switch back and forth between programs.

Finally, I ended up with quite a library of procedural generated sounds like: electricity, whooshes, drones, water-like sounds, etc.

Metaportals on OpenSea.

  1. Genesis
  2. St. Mary’s Portal
  3. 021021
  4. Funtion of Time
  5. Sainte Vie Portal